What You Should Know about Managing Side Effects When Using Stress Medications.

Medication has been proven as one of the effective ways to manage stress. That said, one of the greatest concerns when it comes to the use of medication for stress management is the potential adverse side effects.

Certainly a legitimate concern, here is what you should know about managing the symptoms of stress with medication and side effects of this medication use

  1. Anxiety Medications are not Equal

Doctors may prescribe any one or more of several classes of anxiety medication to help you deal with stress. The potential side effects vary from one drug to the other, not to mention that while someone else may experience a particular side effect after using particular drug, the same many not happen for the next person.

Buspar, for example, is a popular anti-anxiety which is very mild and most users report no side effects after using it.  On the other extreme end of the spectrum are anti-depressants, which, your doctor may prescribe to help you combat severe or chronic anxiety and stress. Experiencing some side effects such as fatigue after using these medications is fairly common.

  1. Disclose What Other Medication You are On

Side effects don’t come only from the use of a particular drug. Other times, these side effects result from the interaction of that particular drug with others that you may be taking.

It is, therefore, crucial that you share with your doctor what other medications you are on. Include everything from prescriptions to over the-counter drugs, as well as non-pharmaceuticals such as vitamins, ointments and herbal preparations.  Your doctor will assess the possible effects of the drug interaction before deciding on whether or not to prescribe a specific medication for stress management.

  1. Follow Doctor’s Instructions on Use

At no time should you go against the doctor’s recommendation for use, as provided in the prescription. This covers both when and how much of the medication you should take.  If you have any questions about using the prescribed medication, be sure to ask your doctor.

Do not allow yourself to overindulge whenever you feel overwhelmed by the symptoms of stress. Doing so will certainly put you at a risk of addiction, as you may develop either or both physiological and psychological dependence. If you become dependent on a drug that comes with some side effects, however seemingly insignificant these effects may seem, then it shouldn’t surprise you that you will experience these effects manifold.

  1. Combine Medication with Other Therapies

There is so much that you can do to improve or alleviate the various symptoms of stress. Talk therapy is one such effective alternative. Talk to a family member, a friend, or anyone within your inner circle that you feel comfortable enough around. Talking about and sharing what has you stressed up can help with de-stressing. You can also always talk to a professional counsellor or therapist.

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The other things is to engage in what you enjoy doing. This is the perfect time to go on that road trip you have been putting off for so long, or finish that book you have been pushing to the back of the shelf. Any positive distraction is welcome.

Why do all this when you can just take some medication and experience near-instant relief? The idea is to reduce the risk of or avoid dependence on medication.  Some people report that after a while, they even stop using the drugs entirely as they shift focus to other non-medicated ways of coping with stress.

  1. Review Your Medications

How has using the prescribed medication been like for you? Are they providing the kind of relief from the symptoms of stress as you’d like? Have you been experiencing some side effects? If yes, how severe are these effects?

These are some of the questions that you should expect when reviewing medications with your doctor. If you have been experiencing side effects so severe that your physical or psychological wellness is at stake, then the doctor will certainly change your medications. If there are any medications that you do not need, then the doctor can give the okay for you to stop using them. All that is required of you at the review is to be honest and truthful about your experience using the prescribed medication.

Minimize or Avoid  Side Effects

You may experience some side effects after using the medication prescribed for alleviating your stress symptoms. You also may not experience any side effects. The highlights above should serve to help you better understand and minimize, and even avoid these side effects.

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