DareĀ® Motivation: A Delicious, Healthy and Convenient Alternative to Junk Food.

Sometimes, you just want to eat a quick snack but if you’re health-conscious, like me, you just want a healthy and convenient alternative to junk food.

 Healthy and convenient alternative to junk food
Image from DareĀ® Motivation

Sweet Dreams Gift Set.

Price Ā£45

As it’s not far from Christmas, I thought I’d share some Christmas gift ideas on a weekly basis.

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Life ArmourĀ® are offering the above gift set to help you sleep.

It contains ‘drops of slumber+ (click here for my review), a slumber+ herbal tea infusion and a glass tea infuser.

  • There is no caffeine in these products.
  • The tea is made from organic ingredients.
  • This gift set comes in a reusable cotton bag.

So, why not buy this for a loved one so they can have a peaceful night sleep!

Click here to check it out and other products at the Life ArmourĀ® website.

Rachel. X