Your Essential Guide to Caring for your Kidneys.

As March is Kidney Awareness Month in the US, this post is about some facts regarding your kidneys and how to care for them.

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9 thoughts on “Your Essential Guide to Caring for your Kidneys.

  1. Once again, eye-opening information for me – never knew there was a downside to drinking lots of water! Guess this is why some wise human a long time ago passed on the simple advice of β€œeverything in moderation”

  2. Hi Rachel.

    Excellent article on Kidneys. It’s amazing what the body can do . Amazing

    Tony Watson xxx

  3. I should probably start taking better care of my kidneys, given that my cholesterol is going up. I’ve given up smoking at least, but I often wonder if they recovered from my overdose attempt which left my kidneys in agony for days

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