Why We Need To Use Sunscreen And Not Just When It’s Sunny.

I’m writing this as the UK is having a heat wave. (Sorry, rest of the world. We’re not use to it being really hot!). Even now, some of us don’t use sunscreen or not enough of it. Here is a reminder why you should.

The image shows a woman sitting in the beach, applying sunscreen. Why we need to use sunscreen. Not just when it's sunny.
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14 Secrets of the Queen’s Long and Healthy Life.

As you know, the UK has been celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It’s incredible to think that she is 96 years of age and despite minor mobility issues, she’s in very good shape for her age. Obviously, she will have the best medical attention but read on to find out the 14 secrets of the Queen’s long and healthy life.

The image shows the Queen dressed in purple and waving. 14 Secrets of the Queen's Long and Healthy Life.
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