9 Reasons Why You Should Love Brussels Sprouts.

Sprouts on a table. 9 Reasons Why You Should Love Brussels Sprouts.

Obviously inspired by Christmas, I’ve decided to sing the praises of this much-maligned vegetable and its health benefits. Here are 9 reasons why you should love Brussels sprouts

Did you know that a cup of Brussels sprouts only contains 60 calories and have 4x more vitamin C than an orange?

18 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why You Should Love Brussels Sprouts.

  1. I understand. The vegetable I hate is mushy peas. I don’t mind peas but when they’re mushy… I hate them! I can’t stand the look of them, the smell and the taste!

  2. Hi Rachel! So nice to read this post on Brussels sprouts! Very interesting! I love them, by the way. I found a recipe for an Indian Brussels sprout stew that I make each time my significant other is out of town, as he hates them! I also enjoy roasting them with hazelnuts, delicata squash, and a bit of crushed red, acv, and maple syrup. And I have shredded them raw on top of salads! So yummy! I appreciate your courage in addressing a vegetable that so many folks dislike! 🌞

  3. You know what I actually love brussel sprouts. I think it probably helped that when my mum used to make them at Christmas she’d do them with like bacon and chestnuts in a sauce of some kind – that was delicious. Probably doesn’t help that people cook them wrong or something idk. All I know is that they taste great when done properly, and clearly they have some great benefits!

  4. Well, your reasons are making me think twice, I only ever eat them at Christmas but that’s only if they make it to my plate! But now, totally going to include them, my eyesight is terrible so you won me on that point, however all of them are great reasons to eat them. I’ll try them as you suggest with butter as agree they tend to be over cooked! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m not a fan of brussel sprouts too. But I can have 3-5 pcs. Now with this article, I’ll roast them and probably enjoy this. πŸ˜‰

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