One Year into Lockdown

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Yesterday, marks one year of lockdown in the UK.

It’s been a very sad year for many. Whether they’ve lost a loved one or their livelihoods.

Sadly, we lost my partner’s mum last August. She had Alzheimer’s; (link to post here). She didn’t die of Covid but we blame it because of the restrictions meant she couldn’t see her family. She died of loneliness.

Personally, I’m grateful that I kept working and that my rest of my family and I have not had Covid.

I’m also grateful because of the vaccines that have been developed. I know they’re not what everyone wants and they can cause side effects (my partner had a few after his first vaccination) but I feel some hope that this nightmare is ending.

For now, we just keep going. I find my routines help me, this blog, my running, (definitely that!) my partner and cats. I find I’m more appreciative of what I’ve got and realise how lucky I am.

What about you? How have you coped? Feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

Rachel xx

14 thoughts on “One Year into Lockdown

  1. It is hard to believe it has been a year, but there is an end in sight now. I have been doing my best to keep busy…blogging, taking courses and finding new home workouts on YouTube to try. Fingers crossed by summer, things will look more normal.

  2. Sorry to hear about your partner’s loss, I lost my grandad to dementia about three years ago. It’s a horrible condition, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    What’s helped me this last year is my volunteer work and my blog

  3. 1 year! It’s crazy it’s been so long. I did find the first lockdown went quickly, but when the 2nd and 3rd ones took place it started to drag.

    Sorry for your loss, fingers crossed some sort of normality returns to life too.

  4. One very long, sad year, and the beat goes on. I, too, am sorry for your partner’s loss. We just learned that a dear friend has been diagnosed & is struggling. Sucks. But you’re right to count your blessings, Rachel. We all should be. Here’s to a healthier world very soon! 🌞

  5. I’m sorry for your loss πŸ’”
    Luckily, I haven’t lost any family memebers from Covid, but one of my favourite customers caught for his life for 3 months before losing it. It really messed with me because of those daily interactions. He was the kind of person that just called to say hi, and ended up gracing me with a half hour discussion about the most random things… and yet I didn’t know he was about to get married and was building his dream house. That made me realize that I’ve been selfish this past year, hoping that lockdowns last longer, that one of my team memebers or even me would get COVID after all meeting up so that I could stay home longer πŸ™ˆ It’s been an interesting year and all I can think about is just how divided it has been between those who are struggling and others that are thriving πŸ’”

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