17 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sweat.

No. 17 may surprise you!

As it’s Summer and I, personally, sweat rather a lot, I decided to find 17 mind-blowing facts about sweat.

17 Mind-blowing facts about sweat.
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12 thoughts on “17 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sweat.

  1. So interesting! thank you for all the facts about sweating. I never knew that some people could sweat blood. Or that everyones sweat is as unique as fingerprints.

  2. I just learnt a lot of things about sweat. The fact that sweat as at antibacterial quality is the most surprising, because you’d think it’d be the other way around

  3. Never knew wet socks can help cool you down, I need to try this! I was also surprised that sweat is unique to each person and that we produce the most sweat from our fingertips – thanks for sharing!

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