My Guest Post

Hi. I hope everyone is well.

Michelle from the Boomer Eco Crusader blog asked me to write a post for her Clutter Tales series.

This is where different bloggers each week write about an object which is found when having a clear-out, that has a special significance for them.

I found this old diary which I kept because it was one of the best years of my life.

My old diary

Click on Michelle’s link below to see why this particular year was so special for me.

Clutter Tales – Dear diary (Guest post)

Feel free to read Michelle’s other posts as well. Nobody can afford to ignore the consequences of our impact on our beautiful planet. She offers tips for the small changes that we, individually, could all make which could help in the long run.

Take care,

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “My Guest Post

  1. What a beautiful read and year. I can relate to the financial hardships. We are still digging out ourselves. Debt and job loss during the pandemic—it’s a roller coaster. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful time and I do hope you and your partner marry in the near future ❤️

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