Blood Cancer Awareness: Facts and 10 Symptoms to look out for.

Facts about blood cancer.

It is caused by the changes in the DNA within your blood cells which then causes them to behave abnormally. The following factors could affect your risk of developing it.

  • If there’s a history of it in your family.
  • Radiation exposure.
  • Regular exposure to chemicals like formaldehyde.
  • Smoking.
  • Some health conditions and treatments like chemotherapy.

The most common types of blood cancer are leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

It’s the 5th most common type of cancer in the world and sadly, it’s the most common type in children.

Blood cancer is the 3rd biggest cancer killer in the UK; 28 people are diagnosed with leukaemia every day.

This cancer can spread to your lungs, gastrointestinal tract, heart, kidneys and testes.

Some people don’t need treatment straight away; in fact, others never need it. This tends to happen if the cancer is slow-growing. This is sometimes known as ‘watch and wait.’

10 signs and symptoms of blood cancer.

A blood test is needed to diagnose this illness so, see your doctor if you experience the following:-

1. Unexplained weight loss.

2. Feeling tired and weak.

3. Bleeding and bruising easily.

4. Swollen lymph nodes.

5. Swollen stomach.

6. Infections.

7. Fever or night sweats.

8. Pain in your bones and joints.

9. Unexplained rashes or itchy skin.

10. The skin under your lower eyelids looks white rather than pink.

Foods to eat to aid your recovery, if having treatment for blood cancer.

If you’re recovering from any cancer treatment, then the following foods are recommended for you to eat.

Eat porridge, egg on toast, smoothies made with milk or yoghurt, oats and fruit.

Include carbohydrates like whole-wheat pasta, brown rice and potatoes.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, (always important for any diet.) Tinned or frozen are just as good for you.

You need to include protein, which is essential for your immune system. Sources of protein include beans, peas, lentils, dairy, eggs, tofu and Quorn.

To boost your iron levels for your energy, include foods like beans, nuts, dried fruit, whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables like spinach.

You may struggle to eat if you have treatment so if that’s the case then eat smaller meals and snacks and make sure you stay hydrated.

If you also feel nauseous, peppermint tea and foods containing ginger can help.

Foods to avoid.

  • Raw meat or fish.
  • Runny eggs.
  • Unpasteurised drinks.
  • Sushi.
  • Unwashed fruit and vegetables.

I hope I’ve successfully raised awareness about this cancer. If you have anything to add, feel free to do so in the comments section.

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  1. Interesting post as always, Rachel…didn’t realize that a concept of “watch & wait” might be the option for a form of diagnosed cancer…huh!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, I would never have known to look out for any of these symposium if I’m honest. So important to raise awareness on such topics and anything cancer related always peaks my interest as my grans had it twice now (she’s beat it both times thankfully) but I always want to know more just incase.

  3. So informative blog about cancer awareness,but you know when I hear about it I just feel afraid. But you written elaborately. Thank you very much for sharing ❣️👏🌹

    1. Many thanks for your comment. It does worry me, sometimes but I think that we all know our bodies and know if something’s wrong. The quicker we seek help, the quicker we can get treated. 😆

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