Getting to Know Me – Behind the Blogger Challenge!

4 Facts About Me.

1. I was temporarily deaf when I was little.

When I was a toddler, I couldn’t hear properly and hardly spoke. I had ear infections; even now, I can remember the pain.

My parents were worried and took me to the doctors and I was assessed by a child psychologist. It was only by accident that my parents realised that I couldn’t hear properly. It became evident that my adenoids (lumps of tissue at the back of your nose) had become swollen so they were removed; along with my tonsils. This is now a very common procedure.

Some time after my surgery, I had sessions with a speech therapist and learned how to talk.

Even now, I’m slightly deaf in one ear and struggle to breathe properly through my left nostril.

2. The Church was a huge part of my childhood.

I was baptised, I attended a Church of England primary school and its Sunday school, I was a Brownie, then a Guide and I regularly attended weekly services. My Dad was the treasurer and a side person for this particular church. This continued until I got a weekend job, around the age of 16; then I hardly set foot in a Church for the next 20 years or so.

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I still occasionally go. I often question my faith. I’m horrified at the violence and cruelty perpetrated by past and present followers of all religions, through their warped reasoning.

I find it’s a battle between my mind and heart. My mind says that God can’t exist but my heart thinks the opposite. It’s a lifelong journey for me and I’ll probably never get the answers that I’m looking for. I’m all for science to try to answer the questions of our existence.

3. I hate mushy peas!!

I can’t stand looking at them, smelling them and their taste. They’re an abomination to me! And I like a lot of foods.

4. I thought I heard ghosts when I was 16.

I studied an animal care course for a year after I left school. Normally, I stayed at the college during the week and went home for the weekends. However, I stayed this particular weekend. There were only a handful of other students because most of the others had gone home.

During the night, I woke up and I heard what sounded like a young guy and girl having a conversation outside my room. Naturally, at first, I didn’t give it much thought.

But then, I struggled to get back to sleep because of them talking. Eventually, I got annoyed and decided to ask them to be quiet.

So, I got up and opened my door. I couldn’t see anyone. I looked up and down the corridor and still couldn’t see anyone but, I could still hear their voices.

I was puzzled. After a second or two, I could just hear the guy’s voice and it sounded like it was coming down the corridor. I decided to investigate so I followed him. For the next few minutes, I followed the voice until I was stopped by a locked door.

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I went back to bed and when I reflected on this experience the next day, I realised how strange my experience was. The door at the end of my corridor never opened, even though I heard his voice on the other side of it. And, how did he get through a locked door; I didn’t see anyone unlock and open it! I definitely wasn’t asleep and dreaming and I didn’t imagine it. I wasn’t drunk, stoned etc. either. (Not at that time, anyway!)

So that’s a bit more about me. I hope you still continue to read my posts!

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If anyone else wants to do this, then feel free to participate. I’d love to get to know you better.

Rachel x

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me – Behind the Blogger Challenge!

  1. Thanks for playing along Rachel.

    I have to say I can relate to your feelings about religion. I was baptized and raised Catholic, and I do still go to church. It is hard to ignore some of the atrocities of some church leaders. This has been particularly evident as the atrocities of Canada’s residential schools have been uncovered. Those schools were all run by churches. I have to remind myself not to persecute all for the actions of a few but you do have to wonder how these things can happen.

    1. I know what you mean. There’s nothing worse than religious hypocrisy.
      I would like to see more transparency with religions; give people the chance to discuss their beliefs and why they believe what they do. E.g. I grew up not knowing the reason why a man who was nailed to a cross 2,000 years ago is seen as the saviour of humanity. It was never explained to me. I had to research the answer myself.

      1. A few years ago, I took the Alpha course and I learned a lot about the origins of Christianity. As a Catholic, I was raised to believe and not question. I enjoyed the Alpha course because it did give an opportunity to question things in a safe environment. It wasn’t as life-changing as some people told me it would be, but it was worthwhile.

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