7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Myrrh.

Facts and a Bit of History About Myrrh. 🎄

It orginates from Ethiopia, Somalia and Arabia.

The tree has white flowers and myrrh is the fluid from the resin ducts in the bark which splits naturally or is cut in tapping. When myrrh is exposed to air, it slowly hardens into globules and irregular lumps called, ‘tears’ which are collected. The colour can be yellow to reddish-brown gum.

The word, ‘myrrh’ is derived from the Arabic word, ‘murr‘ meaning bitter.

It is botanically related to frankincense.

Myrrh has been used in the past as an ingredient of incense, perfumes, cosmetics, in medicines and used for embalming purposes. It is still used in dental care and perfumes.

The Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut had a plantation of myrrh trees brought to Egypt from Somalia. These trees are a feature in a fresco in her tomb.

According to ancient Greek mythology, the myrrh tree is named after ‘Myrrha‘ a daughter of King Theias, who was turned into a tree by the Gods to protect her from her father’s wrath. Well, she did trick him into sleeping with her! The resin is her tears and her son, Adonis, was born out of the tree bark.

Greek soldiers took vials of myrrh to clean and disinfect their wounds.

It was mixed into wine and drunk by Hebrews before taking part in religious rituals.

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Myrrh.

Again, there isn’t a lot of research but myrrh may:-

1. Kill harmful bacteria. There are test-tube studies that indicate that myrrh oil has strong effects against several, infectious bacteria, including some drug-resistant ones.

2. Support oral health. Mouthwash that contains the oil may help to treat gingivitis.

3. Fight pain and swelling. Chemists at the University of Florence have found that molecules in myrrh acted on mice brain’s opioid receptors. Myrrh may also block your body’s production of inflammatory chemicals that lead to swelling and pain.

4. Be a powerful antioxidant. Results of one study showed that myrrh oil was a more effective antioxidant than vitamin E.

5. Make sunscreen more effective at blocking harmful ultraviolet rays. One study revealed that SPF 15 sunscreen with added myrrh oil was more effective at blocking ultraviolet rays than sunscreen on its own.

6. Have anti-cancer effects. A study showed that myrrh was able to lower the multiplication and replication of human cancer cells.

7. Help skin wounds to heal faster. The topical application of myrrh oil has been shown to help to increase the number of white blood cells around wounds; therefore the wounds healed faster.

Do you use myrrh oil? Let me know if you do.

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