7 Fabulous Reasons for Eating Oats.

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A Few Facts About Oats

They grow naturally in West Asia. Oats were the earliest cereals cultivated by humans; they have been grown in China since 7,000 BCE. There were remains of cultivated oats found in caves in Switzerland, which date back to the Bronze Ages. The main use was mainly to make beer or ale.

The Ancient Greeks were the first race known to have made a recognisable porridge from oats.

The Romans grew and ate oats in Italy.

By the Middle Ages, people ate oats alongside rye and barley in Britain.

They were brought to North America by Scottish settlers.

These days, the grains are used to make porridge or oatmeal, in baking, (especially in flapjacks, yum!), milk, flour and finally, used in skin care products.

Oats are among the healthiest grains on the planet because they are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants.

7 Fabulous Reasons for Eating Oats.

Health benefits include:-

1. They may reduce your blood pressure.

2. May reduce your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

3. Increasing the growth of good bacteria in your digestive tract.

4. May help with skin conditions like eczema. (Only when applied directly to the
skin.) Quite a few beauty products that can be bought contain oatmeal.

5. May help to relieve constipation. Oats contain ‘beta-glucan’, a type of soluble fibre. In one study, out of 30 elderly patients who ate soup or a dessert containing oat bran every day for 12 weeks, 59% were able to stop using laxatives, after the trial.

6. One study showed that feeding oats to babies before the age of 6 months is linked to a decreased risk of childhood asthma.

7. Helping to fight off infection. Oats contain selenium and zinc which are important nutrients for warding off infections. Also, beta-glucan as mentioned earlier, helps neutrophils (type of white blood cells) travel to the site of an infection, more quickly and improves their ability to eliminate the bacteria they find there.

As I said earlier, I love my morning porridge. I add in various ingredients such as cocoa powder, cacao nibs, coconut, cinnamon, frozen fruit, peanut butter, ground almonds and dare® Motivation powder. I love the fact that it keeps me going for hours.

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Do you like oats? If so, let me know in the comments section how you like to consume them.

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  1. Growing up, my mum made me eat porridge for breakfast and I hated it. I have tried it several times as an adult because I know it’s good for me. I still hate it.

    I do like oats though. Oatmeal raisin cookies are my favourite. And I put a scoop in my breakfast smoothie. It’s a great way to make the smoothie more filling.

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