12 Powerful Benefits of Strength Training.

Some of you may know that I regularly go to the gym. I find that it helps to facilitate my running. However, I didn’t know about the other 12 powerful benefits of strength training. Number 10 may surprise you!

The image shows a woman wearing a hijab holding 2  dumbbells. 12 Powerful Benefits of Strength Training.
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6 thoughts on “12 Powerful Benefits of Strength Training.

  1. Joining a gym did wonders for my self esteem and it’s changed my whole mindset approaching life.

    Your comment about it being boring and full of posers made me laugh – I wasn’t the sporty type at school and thought the gym would be the types who made PE unbearable, but I learnt soon that most people were cool and didn’t care what you were doing.

    There are a fair few posers there – though I just leave them to admiring themselves in the mirror!

  2. I have no desire to go to a gym. For me, it’s a time thing. In the time it would take to get there and back, I can be done my workout. I do, however, work out at home every day. I have resistance bands and dumbbells for strength training.

    Maybe when I retire and have more time on my hands, I will rethink the gym thing. Then again, maybe not…

  3. I have a 12 week membership for my local council gym which is free as part of a weight management programme. When I finish, I’m hoping to keep going as it’s been so beneficial for my physical and mental health. My gym also has exercise classes both instructor lead and virtual. There are a range of people who go from those hoping to tone up a little, those who like to see themselves in the mirror and some people who have physical disabilities. It has a lovely atmosphere and I feel like I belong there. I enjoy using the strength machines and after 10 weeks I can see a real difference.

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