My May News

I’d like to share these two posts with you.

Why You Need To Stop Making Comparisons Right Now

Simple Living Sunday – The blessing of having just enough

I found that they struck a chord with me. Unfortunately, at times, I do find I have to stop myself from feeling envious of others. It used to be if I saw other people having wonderful holidays or living in beautiful houses; especially when I went through a time of experiencing financial difficulties and the fact I live in a tiny one-bedroom house.

However, I’m now okay with my finances and my little house is surrounded by beautiful bushes and trees. I feel blessed that it’s so peaceful. I do strongly believe in practising gratitude.

The above posts, to me, remind me of what really matters. They’re a gentle reality check.

During this month, it was Coeliac Disease Awareness Week. Feel free to check out this post: Your Indispensable Guide to Coeliac Disease. I’m considering getting myself tested for this because it is unfortunately in my family.

May is also Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month. (Another condition which I’m worried about developing,) and Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

For June, my posts will include the health benefits of champagne (yes, there are some!) and as the last week of June in the UK is ‘Love your Lungs Week,’ I’ll be sharing some interesting facts about our lungs.

Thank you for all your interest and support.

Rachel x

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  1. I’m glad the results had a positive output! You are doing a great job. It’s nice that people can have a free check up after 40, that’s a wonderful policy.

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