9 Sparkling Facts About Champagne

Today is National Bubbly Day in the UK. Therefore, I thought you might like me to share 9 sparkling facts about champagne.

The image shows 3 glasses of champagne. 9 Sparkling Facts About Champagne.
Image from Word Press

11 thoughts on “9 Sparkling Facts About Champagne

  1. These were very interesting facts. You confirmed my suspicion that champagne could be a healthier option in terms of selecting a drink. It usually feels much lighter on the body but like you said it’s not a justification to overdo it 😊 Thanks for this amazing post, Rachel!

  2. Unfortunately champagne (and prosecco and cava) doesn’t agree with me so I can’t drink it. But it was interesting to read it may have health benefits, I didn’t know that!

  3. Now I don’t feel so bad for enjoying a nice glass of bubbly! So interesting learning about these facts, especially that the velocity can reach 32,8 miles. I never would of though it would be that fast. Thank you for sharing.

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