Jubilee Sale

As it’s the Jubilee weekend in the UK, Body and Mind Botanicals are offering 3 for the price of 2 on their tea bags.

Body and Mind Botanicals’s teas have CBD added to it which is known to relieve stress, pain and aid sleep.

The cannabis is organic and is grown in the UK. It is independently lab tested to ensure the safe levels of CBD.

The teabags contain no glues, plastics, metals or chemicals and can be re-brewed. It is also available in peppermint.

The brand has over 60 5* reviews.

It costs £10.99 for 10 tea bags and each contains 40mg of CBD. Not more than 70mg a day is advised in the UK, unless a different amount is recommended by your doctor.

Also, Body and Mind Botanicals supply CBD in a chocolate form, oil and as a roll-on for pain.

I have tried this tea and I’m impressed. It was refreshing and I felt calm after I drank it. Also, it did improve the quality of my sleep and I used the tea bag twice and found it had the same effect. I will definitely buy it again because I do suffer from intermittent insomnia.


It is advised to leave a 2-hour gap between CBD and any medication. Check with your doctor if you are interested in trying these or any CBD products. Finally, don’t consume these products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

So why not take advantage of this offer and try this tea?

Rachel x

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