14 Secrets of the Queen’s Long and Healthy Life.

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14 Secrets of the Queen’s Long and Healthy Life.

1. She loves the fresh air. She always enjoyed walking around her country estates.

2. She rode her horses up to the age of 95. She exercised in moderation.

3. She walks her corgis. She owned more than 30 during her lifetime. Having a pet has been proven to be good for you. Pet owners tend to live longer and healthier lives.

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4. The Queen eats 4 small meals a day. She eats a simple diet including grilled fish (an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids) and chicken and vegetables for dinner. Apparently, she doesn’t like strong flavours like garlic or spices.

5. She has treats in moderation. She will regularly eat a thin slice of cake and loves chocolate!

6. She drinks alcohol in moderation. She is known to drink 3 to 4 glasses of cocktails and champagne a day.

7. She drinks Earl Grey tea every morning with no milk and sugar. Studies have shown that Earl Grey tea can potentially lower your blood pressure and ‘bad’ cholesterol levels.

8. It is in her genes to age well. Her mother lived until the age of 101.

9. She sleeps well. She is known to have a regular routine of going to bed at 11 p.m. and getting up at 7.30 a.m. At a few of her residences, bagpipes are played for 15 minutes at 9 a.m.

10. She finds the good in every situation. Psychologists call it ‘benefit finding,’ and it is considered a top survival skill of the most resilient people.

11. She keeps mentally active. Nearly every day, as Head of State, she receives a red box containing important papers from government ministers in the UK and the Commonwealth. She reads all of them and where necessary, approves and signs relevant papers.

12. She demonstrates kindness, modesty, empathy and respect for others. Studies have shown that volunteering corresponds with a 24% lower risk of dying early.

13. She has a deep, religious faith. Studies have shown that being religious or having spiritual beliefs are associated with better health outcomes like living longer. The Queen has always said her faith helps and supports her.

14. She has a sense of purpose. A study conducted by the University of California demonstrated that if you have a sense of purpose in life, you’re more likely to feel both physically and mentally well every day. Don’t worry. Your sense of purpose doesn’t mean you have to be a King or Queen of your country! This could be anything. It could be your family, hobbies that bring you joy, meaningful relationships and service to others.

Whether you’re a Royalist, a Republican or completely indifferent, you have to admit she is good for her age. Literally, long live the Queen.

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  1. My grandma is a similar age and shares many of these traits. Her mum lived into her 90s (born late 1800s) and her sister died age 103. I’m hoping she’ll stay around for another 5 years still at least (she’s almost 98).

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