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Introducing Bird and Wild Coffee.

Bird and Wild is a UK-based company with strong, green values at its core.

It is rated No.1 for producing ethical coffee by the Ethical Consumer Magazine for the second time in a row.

Each bag of organic coffee that is sold helps the RSPB, (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre and the Fairtrade Foundation. Bird and Wild donates 6% of its sales to the RSPB.

What the heck is ‘shade-grown’ coffee and why is it better for the environment?

Shade-grown coffee is grown under the rainforests’ canopies which provide protection for birds, other wildlife and insects. Coffee was always grown like this until the 1970s when coffee plants that can tolerate the sun, were developed to produce more coffee through open planting over vast areas of land.

Unfortunately, over time, this land gets destroyed by the over-exposure to the sun. Therefore, having an adverse impact on the environment.

So, studies have shown that shade-grown coffee sites have:-

30% more diversity of birds than sun farms.

typically 90-120 species of plant and 13-58 species of tree on a single site.

more insect diversity. 609 species have been found on a coffee site in Mexico.

more mammal diversity. 28 species of mammals were found on 1 site alone in India.

facilitated an increase in bee populations by 90% in Indonesia.

Why Bird and Wild?

Its coffee has currently 207 5* reviews.

You can buy coffee beans, ground coffee or instant and the price starts from £6 plus postage rates.

You can receive free shipping on orders over £35.

It is available in weights of 200g 500g or 1 kg.

The packaging is recyclable.

If you decide to subscribe, you will get a discount of 15% on your weekly or monthly orders, which you can cancel at any time. Better still, Bird and Wild offer a 20% discount link for you to share with your family and friends which could earn you £3 for every purchase they make!

So, click here to buy yours or click here to buy me one!

Thank you for reading.

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  1. I love this idea because being a coffee drinker and bird lover, both seem to be up my alley. Especially in the jungle or more rural areas, we are slowly becoming more mindful of how growing coffee or anything affects local wildlife. During a 6 week stay in the jungle of Costa Rica I recall people planting almost trees for a specific type of macaw which subsisted only on this nut.

    Great message here. Thanks for sharing.

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