My August News

It’s been a fairly quiet month for me.

Both my moggies have had their annual boosters and behaved impeccably at the vets. Zac, as in the video below, needed antibiotics for a cut on his lip due to fighting. This wasn’t the first time he needed antibiotics because of fighting this year! He’s a bruiser with lots of cattitude!

On a more sombre note, a week ago while on a run, I found a deceased cat at the side of the road who looked very much like my little black cat; Jasper.

When I got access to my car, my partner and I took it to the vets who found a microchip. It was so sad and I imagined that its owner was devastated, when he/she was informed.

So, all I can say is if you have a pet/pets then, give it/them plenty of cuddles.

I’d like to share this link to a wonderful poem from:

which is mainly about picking yourself up and not giving up. It just resonated with me.

Also, check out this thought-provoking post on toxic positivity from

I was always a bit unsure what is actually meant by toxic positivity. However, I think the above post explains this concept clearly for me. I’ve definitely been culpable of saying statements like, “Every cloud has a silver lining,”

I try to be positive but there are times when life goes wrong and we’re angry or grieving, we should accept this. Also, we need to be more empathetic to others who are struggling. Saying ‘things happen for a reason,’ is an incredibly, insensitive and patronizing thing to say to someone whose life may be falling apart. My experience is that people just want to be heard and their feelings and emotions validated.

Next month, I am raising awareness of sepsis and will be taking a break for a couple of weeks.

Here is a video of Zac and take time to admire his grace and elegance! šŸ¤£

Thank you for all your interest and support of my blog.

Rachel x

6 thoughts on “My August News

  1. Oh, Zac is so fluffy. I hope he doesn’t go on any more fights this year! When I saw your tweet about finding that poor black cat it really touched my heart to know you took him with you to the vet. It’s really heart breaking. It was lovely to read about your month and what you have planned for the near future. Have you thought about what you would like to do during your break? I also love the poem you shared with us, it offers us a path to connect with those negative emotions and then slowly move into safety, self-empathy, courage, and hope. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on Toxic Positivity too, I much appreciate your feedback and how it impacted your perspective. I agree with you, balance it a very important word. Looking forward to knowing what you will be up to next.

    1. I’m just going to rest. Yes, Zac is quite a character and is much too keen in asserting his dominance! šŸ¤£ He adopted me a couple of years ago.
      Many thanks for your lovely comment.

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