6 Alarming Symptoms of Sepsis to be Aware of.

In the UK, September is Sepsis Awareness Month. Did you that approximately 11 million people worldwide die from this? Read on to learn what it is and the 6 alarming symptoms to be aware of.

6 alarming symptoms of sepsis to be aware of. They are listed later in this post.

16 thoughts on “6 Alarming Symptoms of Sepsis to be Aware of.

  1. I didn’t know anyone who had sepsis until a few years ago. My sister had it and was very ill in hospital for weeks. Thankfully, she has fully recovered. Soon after, one of my daughter’s teachers contracted sepsis. Sadly, he passed away a few weeks later. Thanks for raising awareness.

  2. I think even just feeling fluey for no good reason is worth checking out. I know a mum who had a scratch on her foot that wasn’t heeling, she felt rough as hell and got sent to A&E, turned out she had early sepsis and was really lucky to have got a diagnosis so quickly.
    After boy3 was born, the post mortem told us that there was an infection going on. If he hadn’t come out when he did the risk to me would have been very high even though they’d done lots of blood work and were constantly monitoring me. If the infection had got out of the placenta and into me, I would have deteriorated very fast.
    Wonderful post Rachel, thank you.

  3. I didn’t know sepsis was so common. People believe that antibiotics can cure everything and neglect hygiene. The COVID will have taught us that we must not neglect the basic rules. Very interesting article, Rachel.

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