What is a Plant-based Diet and is it Good For You?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

There is a lot of interest in a eating plant-based diet. It is seen, among other perceptions, as better for the environment than a more traditional diet. However, what is a plant-based diet and is it good for you? It may surprise you to know that you can eat meat and dairy on this diet.

7 thoughts on “What is a Plant-based Diet and is it Good For You?

  1. I could definitely switch to a vegetarian diet if I wasn’t married to a carnivore. I have definitely cut down my meat consumption in recent years though. I eat meat no more than once a day, eat smaller portions, and try to have one or two meatless days every week.

  2. This post is super yummy! I had the same misconception as you until I read your article. I thought you had to go zero-meat! I miss having a good jacket potato. It used to be my lunch in the office sometimes.

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