Can You Eat Bread Every Day?

There seems to be a bit of confusion about bread; some people think it’s bad for you but others believe that it’s good for you! I’m going to set the record straight and answer the question, ‘Can you eat bread every day?’

4 thoughts on “Can You Eat Bread Every Day?

  1. I’m a big lover of bread. I love making homemade bread in my breadmaker but I haven’t found a whole wheat or grain bread recipe that works so I’ve gone back to buying whole wheat bread at the bakery. Maybe it’s time to declutter the breadmaker.

    1. You can’t beat homemade bread. Sometimes I buy freshly baked bread from my supermarket bakery. It’s delicious. 😋

  2. I enjoyed the fun facts about bread – some I knew, some I didn’t. And yes, I think homemade wholemeal or granary bread is a treat, not so keen on white bread though, unless it’s a sourdough.

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