9 Worrying Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for Your Health.

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January is traditionally a month where you may decide to start a health kick.

If you are trying to cut down on your sugar intake, then read about the 9 worrying reasons why sugar is bad for your health. It could give you the motivation you need.

The image shows a woman eating sugar cubes that she has arranged in a pattern. 9 worrying reasons why sugar is bad for your health.

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A Few Facts About Sugar.

Sugar cane was first domesticated in New Guinea around 8,000 BCE!

The word ‘sugar’ originates from the Sanskrit word ‘sharkara‘ which means material in a granule form.

Bizarrely, the white stuff has been used as medicine for centuries. In 9th century Iraq, it was mixed with fruits and spices to make medicinal syrups, powders and infusions. Even in the 18th century, British doctors prescribed sugar to cure various diseases.

It was introduced to Britain in the 12th century but it was so expensive that only the very rich people could afford it. It was used to season savoury dishes.

However, by 1850, the price of sugar dropped and it was used by the working classes in baked products, porridge and tea; just like it is now.

The tallest sugar cube tower ever assembled measured 6 feet and 10 inches. It was built by Camille Courgeon in France, in 2013. It contained 2,669 cubes of sugar and took 2 hrs and 59 minutes to build.

Sugar is the building block of carbohydrates, the most abundant type of organic molecule in all living things.

We’re born craving sugar and it’s addictive as cocaine. Our brains get a surge of dopamine when we eat sugar and they want more to increase the feelings of pleasure.

Stopping eating sugar abruptly can cause pain, nausea and flu-like symptoms. It has no nutritional value.

9 Worrying Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for Your Health.

1. It causes wrinkles. Too much of it it can cause a process known as ‘glycation’ where the sugar binds to proteins in your bloodstream, forming molecules that make the collagen in your skin more brittle. Hence the wrinkles.

2. A 2009 study showed that consuming sugar can accelerate ageing in the cells of your body.

3. When tested on rats, sugar caused cognitive deficits. Rats may have similar brain structures to us.

4. Too much of it can cause heart disease because it changes the muscle protein and pumping mechanics of your heart. Sugar can also deplete potassium and magnesium essential for cardiac health.

5. It encourages the growth of bad bacteria in your guts which can lead to aggravation and inflammation.

6. It suppresses your immune system.

7. It is toxic to your liver like alcohol and is associated with type 2 diabetes and arthritis; too much sugar can worsen joint pain because of the inflammation caused in your body.

8. Sugar has been associated with acne, depression and cancer. Studies have found that a high intake of sugar can have an adverse effect on the survival rates in breast and colon cancer patients.

9. A study in 2013 found that at least 180,000 worldwide deaths are linked to soft drink consumption.

On a more positive note, chocolate contains antioxidants and cocoa flavonols which can improve cognitive function. Don’t get too excited. This only happens with Dark chocolate!

My Love/Hate Relationship with Sugar.

Sugar. Cakes, biscuits, sweets, desserts, chocolate bars…. I love them all!

On the rare occasion that I go to the cinema, my feet, acting of their own accord, would take me to the sweetie stand and I can’t stop myself from filling up those bags. I have scoffed them to the point of nausea before now.

I use to eat cake, baked by my other half, every day. Biscuits? Well, I couldn’t just have one or two; I’d have to eat at least half a packet.

And, I always found room for dessert when going out for a meal.

I use to justify my consumption by thinking I’ll run it off the next morning; not realising that I shouldn’t consume half of a sugar plantation the night before. I didn’t realise that I’d have to train like an Olympian every day just to shift a pound of bodyweight!

Eventually, my BMI showed that I was overweight, I developed adult acne, gum disease and I felt tired and drained; particularly after a sugary snack.

So, I thought I’d cut down. Imagine my joy when I discovered that dark chocolate is full of antioxidants!

Imagine my sorrow when I realised you’re only supposed to eat a few chunks, not the whole bar. A few chunks. What’s the point of that!

I really wanted to cut down, so I did the obvious. I stopped buying cakes and biscuits, therefore I wouldn’t have the temptation in my kitchen.

Obviously, I was miserable at first. But, over time, I gradually lost weight, my acne cleared and was pleasantly surprised to note that my energy improved significantly. Also, my sugar cravings reduced.

I still eat the odd sugary treat, like desserts when I go out for a meal. I find that I enjoy and appreciate them more.

I eat fruit, nuts, toast if I’m hungry and I find eating porridge with frozen fruits and seeds in the mornings fills me up for longer than cereals do.

(Tip. If you can’t be bothered to heat oats in the morning, soak them in milk overnight with 1 tsp of cinnamon mixed in.)

Also, as you may have read previously, I love my healthy dare® Motivation shakes which help satisfy my sweet tooth. Click here for more about them.

So, what is your favourite sweet foods? Let me know in the comments box.

Rachel x

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  1. Rachel, your posts are always so full of interesting facts and tips. Thanks for sharing this.

    Sugar is my weakness. Cutting down is something I have been working on for ages—with little success. I love chocolate and candy. If it was left to me, I wouldn’t have candy in the house but my husband always stocks up when it’s on sale after holidays. He’s one of those discliplined people who can eat just a little bit every day. I’m not like that! LOL

  2. Fantastic information about Sugar and what can do to your body. You would not think that a small cube is so dangerous !!! Keep the good work up.

  3. You always have fun and interesting facts in your article. Very good post.
    I am not a sugar addicted but I have more difficulty resisting sugar in fall and winter.

  4. I had no idea that sugar could affect collagen in such a way. I eat way too much sugar because I have such a high threshold for tasting it. Plus, my depression makes me uninterested in food and super lazy when it comes to cooking, so chocolate is just so easy to consume to make sure I at least eat something

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