6 Evidence-based Ways to Help to Prevent Alzheimer’s.

As you may know, I’m running a marathon in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. As nobody wants to get this disease, read my post to discover 6 evidence-based ways to help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

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11 thoughts on “6 Evidence-based Ways to Help to Prevent Alzheimer’s.

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your partner’s mother. Alzheimer’s is such a sad disease. It’s devastating when the person doesn’t recognize their loved ones. COVID has been very difficult on Alzheimer’s patients and their families, and the senior population in general. I hope things return to normal soon.

  2. Once I’ve done a project on Alzheimer’s disease! I know about Alzheimer’s! I met a few patients and doctors for that project! It’s truly very pathetic! I hope there will soon be proper medicine for this disease

  3. It’s such a sad illness. Although I haven’t experienced it nor have any of my grandparents, my grandfather does have dementia which can be difficult.

  4. It’s great that there is much more information, help and support than a few decades ago. As medical advancements continue I am sure we will find more ways to slow it’s progress and devastating impact. My great-aunt had Alzheimers and it was so awful to see her go through it and gradually become a shell of herself. Thanks for sharing this!

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