5 Easy Ways to Help Relieve Bloating.

This post is inspired by a recent bug that I had which caused me to be very bloated. This is a common problem for many of us but luckily, there are 5 easy ways to help relieve bloating.

The image shows a woman's belly with 'out of order' written on it. 5 Easy Ways to help relieve bloating.
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6 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Help Relieve Bloating.

  1. I discover that onion was the worst for me. And there is onions in everything…
    I knew most of your recommandations except for papaya, pistachio and fennel seeds. I will try them.

  2. This is so interesting. I’ve been curious about if I have any food intolerances or specific foods that are hard on my digestive system, but have always found a food diary to not really be exact either since I eat multiple foods at the same time. Do you know if there’s any more exact testing, like maybe allergy testing, that would also be helpful? I’m especially curious about dairy or gluten

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