Can You Eat Bread Every Day?

There seems to be a bit of confusion about bread; some people think it’s bad for you but others believe that it’s good for you! I’m going to set the record straight and answer the question, ‘Can you eat bread every day?’

A Quick Catchup

Hello, everyone.

I’m aware that I haven’t written a newsletter this year, so I thought I would just drop a few lines.

Yes, it was delicious 😋

It’s been very quiet, these last few months. I’ve decided to write 2-3 posts a month, rather than every week, so I can spend more time on Pinterest, promoting both my posts and affiliate products. (I love creating pins.) Here is a link to my account, if you are interested in checking it out: Pinterest

Unfortunately, my partner and I were floored by COVID, earlier in March. This is the second time we contracted it. It took both of us the best part of a week to shake off the flu-like symptoms but worse still, it took both of us at least 5-6 weeks to fully recover. We were tired easily, felt fuzzy-headed and dizzy, had headaches and aching joints.

However, it’s reminded me that self-care is so important and to listen to my body. Especially, when it’s telling me to rest. I feel that maybe, many of us push ourselves too hard. Henceforth, I’m removing ‘should’ from my vocabulary and being kinder to myself.

On a lighter note, it was my partner’s birthday, this month, and I treated him to a massage and afternoon tea; as in the above photo.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Rachel x