6 Evidence-based Ways to Help to Prevent Alzheimer’s.

As you may know, I’m running a marathon in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. As nobody wants to get this disease, read my post to discover 6 evidence-based ways to help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

An old couple sat at the coast. 6 evidence-bevidence-based ways to help to prevent Alzheimer's.
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My First Full Marathon Attempt

As those of you, who follow me on my socials, will know I’m running the Manchester Marathon on the 10th of October, (assuming I don’t test positive for Covid!) 😬

This is my first full Marathon (26.2 miles!) I’m anxious and excited about it in equal measures.

I’ve decided to run it in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society; in memory of Nora Watson, my partner’s mother who died last year of this horrible disease.


If you would like, feel free to click on the above link to sponsor me.

Take care,

Rachel xx