14 Stunning Facts About Gold that You Didn’t Think You Wanted to Know.

My next three posts are inspired by the gifts of the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus from the Christian tradition. The first one, gold. Here are 14 stunning facts about gold that you didn’t think you wanted to know.

Gold leaf. 14 stunning facts about gold you didn't think you wanted to know.
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Calm & Rest Gift Set

Price Ā£30

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For your loved ones who are tea lovers, why not consider buying the above gift set for them from the award-winning Life ArmourĀ®.

It contains 2 caffeine-free teas.

The first one, ‘slumber+ herbal infusion,’ contains lemon balm, passionflower, chamomile, lavender and valerian root.

The second one, ‘balance herbal infusion,’ contains chamomile, elderberry rose, lemongrass and tilia.

These ingredients are renowned for their relaxing properties and are 100% organic.

This set comes with a glass tea infuser and a reusable cotton bag.

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