Which Foods are Good and Bad for Your Gut Health?

There is mounting evidence that looking after our guts is vital for our overall health; therefore the right foods will keep them healthy. This post will tell you a bit about our amazing guts and also, will let you know which foods are good and bad for your gut health.

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6 thoughts on “Which Foods are Good and Bad for Your Gut Health?

  1. We have the same interests, Rachel! There is a lot of talk in the scientific world about the gut microbiome. I’m sure that in the future there will be scientific breakthroughs related to the gut. This will surely help us improve our health.
    You made me laugh when you explained that the bacteria in our gut are heavier than our brain!

  2. I had no idea we had opiate receptors in our guts, nor did I know we had a self cleaning system for our guts which helps move along any undigested food. The human body is fascinating. That wasn’t the only thing I learn from you post, but the two that really surprised me. You’re post has been quite an eye-opening education on the body. I look forward to the next one

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