Why We Need To Use Sunscreen And Not Just When It’s Sunny.

I’m writing this as the UK is having a heat wave. (Sorry, rest of the world. We’re not use to it being really hot!). Even now, some of us don’t use sunscreen or not enough of it. Here is a reminder why you should.

The image shows a woman sitting in the beach, applying sunscreen. Why we need to use sunscreen. Not just when it's sunny.
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10 thoughts on “Why We Need To Use Sunscreen And Not Just When It’s Sunny.

  1. I only discovered a few years ago about the 2 hour factor – that was a big shock, so thank you for the reminder!

  2. I’d recently just bought my first ever bottle of sunblock. I’d never bothered with it before because I don’t sun bath and try to avoid going out when it’s hot. But sometimes it’s unavoidable

  3. This is such an important reminder. I know so many people that don’t wear sunscreen and I nag at them all the time to do it haha. I’m so fascinated by the SPF 30 vs 50 fact. I always try and get a super high SPF but never really looked into how effective it was just assumed it was better. Thanks for sharing all of this info!

  4. I’m allergic to sun so, I have been using sunscreen for more than twenty years. I still enjoy trips to the beach but I stay under the umbrella. I always wear long clothes and a hat. All this on top of the sunscreen! One of the side effects of sun protection is that I don’t get many wrinkles in my face. Unlike many of my friends who have done a lot of traveling in the sun.

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