Scary Consequences Of Not Washing Your Hands.

I feel this subject is very appropriate for Halloween month. And also, today, it’s Global Handwashing Day. (15th). Before you skip past this post, be aware that approximately 1 million deaths a year could be prevented if everyone routinely washed their hands.

Image shows someone washing their hands. Scary consequences of not washing your hands.
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7 thoughts on “Scary Consequences Of Not Washing Your Hands.

  1. It always appalls me how some people can go to the toilet and not wash their hands afterward. It makes me cringe… And after reading this, I will make sure I will clean my keyboard too!

  2. Excellent post Rachel. I remember in the early days of the pandemic hearing the repeated reminders to wash our hands and reminders that the 2-second “splash and dash” is not sufficient. You really do have to wonder now much of the pandemic could have been prevented if everyone had done that.

  3. Such an important post because hand washing really is underrated. So many people don’t realise how soap/liquid soap works, and they don’t wash their hands properly. I didn’t realise all of this and fully appreciate how to most effectively wash my hands until the start of the pandemic when I read up on it and watched some videos. I wish our governments ran ads (maybe they did in the US? Didn’t happen in the UK) to show proper hand washing and explain that soap is what pulls off the bacteria, it doesn’t kill it, and you therefore need to ensure you wash off all the soap before drying your hands.

    I want to print this post off and stick it on the fridge for my dad but I think he’ll lose his sh*t at me. He thinks I moan at him too much about this but it does pee me off that he can’t be bothered to wash his hands regularly or properly. It shouldn’t be a difficult thing, it should be routine.

    Fab post!
    Caz xx

    1. Thank you for your comment, Caz. I agree. There should be posters everywhere reminding us to wash our hands properly. Maybe your Dad would take more notice!

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