What is Panettone and Is It Healthy?

As it’s not far off Christmas (yikes!) I’ve decided to have a look at festive foods and drinks. First of all, panettone. What is panettone and is it healthy?

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6 thoughts on “What is Panettone and Is It Healthy?

  1. I’ve had panettone at Christmas for many, many years and it’s such a treat (this is the only time I have it because it’s certainly not the healthiest bread). I get an individual one and have a slice with some coffee on Christmas morning and it’s delicious. Thanks for sharing the history of it, I had never learned about it’s origins!

  2. Fun article, Rachel. Thanks for sharing. I’d never heard of panettone before, but with “pan” as a beginning, it makes sense that it’s a bread as opposed to cake. Thanks again. Turly interesting!

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