5 Health Benefits of Potatoes.

Did you know that yesterday (the 19th) was National Potato Day in the UK? Join me in my celebration of the humble spud. (You can make vodka out of them!) 5 health benefits of potatoes.

The image shows a batch if potatoes. 5 health benefits of potatoes.
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4 responses to “5 Health Benefits of Potatoes.”

  1. I love potatoes. I’m partial to creamy, whipped mashed potatoes but I also love to make potato wedges by tossing potatoes in a little grapeseed oil and arrowroot powder and roasting them in the oven. A much healthier alternative to fries (chips).

  2. I like potatoes, but I didn’t know they had so many health benefits! It’s good to know that they’re beneficial for bones, blood pressure and blood sugar.

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