Is Fasting Good For Your Health?

At this time, Muslims around the world are fasting. They fast as an act of worship, a chance to get closer to God, and a way to become more compassionate to those in need.

Surprisingly, there is evidence that shows fasting is good for our health.

Fasting: Temporarily abstaining from food and sometimes fluids.

4 thoughts on “Is Fasting Good For Your Health?

  1. Once in a while, I do fast. That is, I don’t eat after dinner, the next morning I only have coffee for breakfast and I don’t have lunch. And then I have a normal supper. I drink a lot of non-calorie drinks throughout the day and try to do this on a very busy day. Often the days after I feel better.

  2. Thanks for this Rachel. I find it very interesting and know several people who swear by intermittent fasting as an effective way to control weight. I get lightheaded if I go too long without eating so Iā€™m a little leery of trying it.

  3. I haven’t eaten breakfast on a regular basis since I was about 14, it just sets me up feeling bloated and uncomfortable all day. The exception being when I was pregnant. I can happily go with a light lunch too but I always make up for it with a decent dinner and pudding.

  4. I rarely fast, only this year and some occasions in the past I fast for Holy week. But at night I usually eat at an earlier time and don’t eat evening snacks. The next meal will be a light breakfast. So that’s about 12 hours of no food…does this count?

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